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REGTEK (BEIJING) TECHNOLOGIES Ranks Amongst the Top 30 Zhongguancun Financial Technology Companies in 2022


           On December 13, 2022, the 2023 10th Zhongguancun Financial Technology Forum Annual Meeting and the 2022 “Everbright Cup” Zhongguancun Fantaike Financial Technology International Innovation Competition Award Ceremony were held in Beijing. This Forum adopted a new “cloud” approach, gathered industry scholars and elites, focused on cutting-edge heatedly debated issues and development trends of financial technology, and witnessed the release of the 2022 Zhongguancun Top 30 List of Financial Technology jointly sponsored by Zhongguancun Internet Finance Research Institute and Zhongguancun Financial Technology Industry Development Alliance. The list has been released for four consecutive years and has high influence and authority in the industry. Relying on its industry-leading regulatory technology innovation ability, sustainable growth potential and high industrial influence, REGTEK (BEIJING) TECHNOLOGIES Co., Ltd. stands out from the candidates and is pleased to be listed in the 2022 Zhongguancun Top 30 Financial Technology Ranking.

             The Top 30 List in 2022 focuses on new technology and internet enterprises that are committed to improving the efficiency of financial supervision, transforming or innovating financial products, and improving the way of providing financial services through cutting-edge technologies of fintech, including artificial intelligence, big data, Internet technologies (mobile Internet, Internet of Things), distributed technology (cloud computing, blockchain), and security technology (cryptography, quantum computing, biometrics). The list takes into account the principles of scientificity, operability and authority. This selection focuses on the core technological breakthroughs of fintech enterprises, and comprehensively reflects the comprehensive strength of Zhongguancun fintech enterprises. 
            As a leading and benchmarking enterprise in the field of regulatory technology, REGTEK (BEIJING) TECHNOLOGIES Co., Ltd. provides regulatory technology consulting services and system solutions for regulators, financial institutions and fintech enterprises, ensuring the safety and sustainable application of fintech from the bottom of the technology. REGTEK comprehensively applies artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things, privacy-enhanced computing and other advanced technology to development products. At present, to address the issues arising from green finance development, LEI cross-border application, supply chain finance, post-loan management, complaint management, and other fields, China’s first Financial Green Digital Base, carbon accounting and disclosure, corporate green financial digital portraits, anti-greenwashing mechanism, LEI cross-border KYC credit enhancement, regulatory technology middleware, post-loan regulatory technology system, digital complaint system and other application products have been developed. In the meanwhile, REGTEK also provides standard implementation services to test whether the fintech products used by commercial banks are safe, sustainable, ethical, and compliable with laws and regulations.

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